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Our Kiko Story

Our Story Begins back in 2016 when we started with  Boer Goats. We dealt with them a year and had alot of problems with Parasites that we knew nothing about. We were in and out of the vet and lost several of our goats . I started doing research and thru my research learned of the Kiko crosses with Boers and started researching which  led us to a farm in Castle Rock, Washington Ioneadream ranch.  I then reached out to learn more and she invited us out to check out Kiko goats.  I was so impressed and trusted what she had said to us about the Kiko Breed.  I came on board purchasing our First 3 registered Kiko goats in February 2018.  Its True a Day and Night Difference than Other breeds that  we have had. All Kiko Breeders will tell the same story.  I parted with most of the Boers, Pygmys and Nigerian Dwarfs. Sticking to our Kiko Breed. As time went on we had Purchased from another farm in Onalaska Washington, Da Did Farms and purchased 9 goats from Noble Nomad Mountain Ranch of Meadows of Dan , VA  and another Doe from Rockin the Goat Ranch  out in Longview Washington.  We had One really bad kidding season back in 2019 but since have learned that  we were lacking Copper, Zinc and Selenium.  Since we figured out what what was needed we have made Huge improvements serving our Kiko Friends with Top Kikos in our area . We have goats in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Alaska and all over Washington.  

Kiko Goats Originated from New Zealand 

back in 1980 by breeding Feral goats with dairy goats such as Nubians, Saanen or Toggenburg. The Term Kiko means Maroi means Meat.

Kikos are known for their vigour and hardiness and strong and excellent maternal instincts and high resistance to parasites.  We today rarely go to the vet unless we need health certificates or an emergency develops . 

I strongly recommend the Kiko Breed 

 To learn more of our Beautiful Kiko Breed check out our Resource Page

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