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JCP Highroller


100% New Zealand Kiko Buck 

JCP Highroller was our First NZ Kiko purchased from Ioneadream ranch. He has been a Proven Wonderful Buck and did his job well. We purchased him in 2018. He has since this past year sold and moved onto Greener Pastures of 100 acres in Grays River Washington. He is still doing very well and every now and then I still love to see him. We retained several of his daughters. He originally came from J and A Ranch , Tennyson Texas carrying the Genectics of CPK Molley  , HKF Warriors Son, EHR Son's Bingo , TSF Goliath 's Star, and much more. He is a Well Proven Buck that started our Farm out Well and His Daughter We Retained was CLK Purnima, and CLK Cherokee Rose, CLK Sandra Dee


JCP Tejas Bandito

100% New Zealand Kiko Buck

JCP Tejas Bandito was Purchased in 2018 and was a Beautiful Top number 1 Buck that was often asked for.  He Served our Farm Very Well and we have several of his daughters.  Unfortunately He is not with us and passed this year 2023 to a Coyote attack. He is Very Well Missed  and will always remain as our number 1 Buck to our Farm.. We have several of his daughters and just this year He sired a Beautiful Buckling out of DDF Sierra Bear which we are retaining to keep his Genetics going. Also another Buckling out of CLK Cocoa , CLK Cisco Bandito.  He was our largest Buck weighing over 300 Pounds  , some of his genetics include JCP Burrito , JCP N Flowers , WMB Sasquatch , HKF Warriors Son and TSF Goliaths Star.  His Daughters that we Retained are Top Doe, IAD Henna, IAD Polly, IAD Katydid, CLK Mona , CLK Vanessa Jayne, and Our Newest Doeling CLK Feline, out of DDF Sierra Bear.  His Genetics will hold Strong as long as we Continue to run  our Farm bringing the Best of JCP TEJAS Bandito. RIP My Big Baby... He Truly was a Big Baby! <3   We would also like to Thank Ione a Dream Ranch for the Opportunity to having such a Beautiful Boy that passed on genetics like he did where he became well known all over.  The Most affectionate Goat! 

Tejas Bandito_edited.png

Red Fox

100% New Zealand Kiko Buck

ZVA PLAYER RED FOX was an outstanding Buckling Purchased from Noble Nomad Mountain Ranch back in 2018. He served our Farm Very well and Next 2  JCP Tejas Bandito he is the next most requested buck.. He was sold last year 2022 to a farm in Oregon, and we have 9 Does that were bred to him before leaving our Farm. He is Most admired and most calls come in asking for his genetics. He has Great Genectics MWS Boots, , JJK Terminator, GHK High Voltage, DSL's Blues Girl, Blues son , Coo Iron Horse, LoverBoy and much More 
His Genetics are shining thru and now getting alot of recognition.. and So Blessed and Thankful to have him part of our Farm.  No Doubt he is doing well where he is now!  We are also Retaining one one of his Buckling out of IAD Katydid , CLK Player Red Lorenzo, Weaning weight at 75 lbs.  His Brother looks more like him just a tad smaller, but without a doubt will grow out like His Sire Redfox.  It was a Hard Choice to choose which to retain. Both Brothers are exceptional.  Of Course all of Red Fox Kids are all Exceptional.  Thank You Noble Nomad for giving us the opportunity for to having Redfox here on our Farm.


 ZVA Diablo Moonshine  

New Zealand

ZVA Diablo Moonshine was purchased from Noble Nomad Mountain Ranch in VA. 2018. He is a NZ Buck and threw Great Kids, We have retained a couple Doelings and He Sold to a Farm in Oregon which I am sure he is doing Well.  Some of his Genetics include, Sky S408 Sports Kat, CDR Midnight Song, CLP Ragin River's Banger, Boulder Hills, Goatex Generator. and much More.  



Purebred Kiko Buck

ZVA Warlocks Aramis Was Purchased from Noble Nomad Mountain Ranch in VA. Aramis was a Beautiful Buck 2nd to the smallest of our Herdsire, but produced very well on our Farm. This Year He passed to Pneumonia Complications and He was the First Buck that caught my Eye from Noble Nomad and is how and started us Getting Great Genetics to the Pacific NW.  His Genetics include ZVA Warlock , ZVA Amariss, TR 67, BBM Sports Kat, LGB Lone Ranger861 , CGI ShoGun, SAF Spring Checkers  and TRF Wild One.  Aramis came down sick during Covid Times at the same Time I was down.. He did leave behind some Beautiful Kids which He broke into Pen with which now am Thankful For.. So We are retaining his Doelings 2023 and will post on our 2023 Future Retaining Doeling page 



Purebred Kiko Buck

ZVA Sombras Bravado was purchased also in 2018 amongst the 9 to come to the Pacific NW.  He was our smallest of our Buckline and he does an excellent job in Producing his Kids.. He comes from a  Great Genetic Background of  LRF Pango Hua, MMF's Sir John, ZVA Kissimee, FAFA Diablo, CGI Sombra and much more .  He was Sold in 2020 and now Resides in Rainier Oregon and is doing Very Well Producing Fantastic Kids. He is outdoing himself.. Way to Go Bravado..  

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